FAQ’s – Escorted Tours

How much walking and/or stairs should I expect?

Our tours are designed to keep walking to a minimum, but differ with the amount of walking required.  Many historic buildings and homes only have stairways to reach another floor.  At a minimum you should be able to walk at least two regular size blocks and easily navigate the stairs on the motor coach.  You are welcome to bring a wheelchair, provided you have a traveling partner that is able to set-up and push the chair for you.  For tours with a great deal of walking, you may want to consider renting an electric scooter to assist in your mobility.

1-Sneaker (1)

Low Activity – Must be able to get on and off the motor coach without assistance, which requires multiple steps  – Minimum Walking 2 Blocks

2-Sneaker (1)

Moderate Activity – A possibility of uneven terrain (cobblestones, gravel, etc) – Minimum Walking 4 Blocks

3-Sneaker (1)

High Activity – Some inclines with additional steps, a possibility of no elevators in attractions – Must be able to walk 1 mile

Will I need a Missouri REAL ID?
Yes, if you are flying on one of our Fly or Drive tours and/or the tour visits a military base and you don’t have a US Passport or Missouri REAL ID.  We suggest getting your US Passport and Missouri REAL ID as soon as possible.  This will alleviate any issues and concerns.

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