Passports & Visas


Passports are required if you are traveling to any foreign country.  Generally they are required if you are flying or traveling by ship; or in the case of Canada or Mexico, traveling by car.  Passports for adults are good for 10 years.  You can apply for them at your local main post office.  In Springfield, MO that post office is located at 500 W Chestnut Expressway.  Their phone number is (417) 864-0100.  If you are applying for a passport for the first time, you must file in person.

To apply for the first time, you will need a completed passport application, birth certificate, passport picture and general family information.  Passport pictures are available at many places, but we have found Walgreens, CVS and FedEx stores to be the most reasonably priced and expedient.

Click here for more information on applying for a passport.


Some countries requirre US citizens to have a visa to travel to their country.  The requirements vary widely by country.  Sunnyland Travel will be able to help you with obtaining your visa for a fee.  Please contact one of our travel consultants for information on your visa requirements and the costs associated with obtaining your particular visa.

REAL ID Driver’s License

Missouri has adopted a voluntary Driver’s License Program to Opt for a REAL ID as required by the TSA for boarding flights or entering onto government military bases.  You will be required to have this type of ID to board domestic flights on our Fly or Drive Tours and on tours where we visit a military base.  In lieu of the REAL ID Driver’s License a US Passport can be used.

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